Design Your Own Blanket Roll


Design Your Own Means we use the artwork and color of your choice on the items above. If you want a quote to recover an item you have or you want a custom pattern for a bag or pillion pad then please provide us with your idea and we will quote you.

Design Your Own Pillion Pad

Bolt On or Suction Cup

10 1/2"L x 6 1/2" W x 1-2" Thick


Design Your Own Chicken Hawk Side Bag

You tell us which side you want.

10" W x 12" L & 8" L

3 Inch Thick


 Design Your Own Jay Bird Side Bag

You tell us which side you want.

15 "W x 15" L & 7"L 

3 Inch Thick


 Design Your Own Custom Seat Using our Big Al Seat Pan NO Foam, Hardcore Style.

14" x 10" with a 4" Rise


Design your Own Custom Seat Using our Trixie Seat Pan.

13" x 9"


The process of ordering and designing your custom leather item requires the exchange of ideas, artwork and goals. Contacting us directly will allow us to get your information, idea and artwork. Please email us at or at 336-399-8757. 

Below is a list of the basic information that will help you get started.

1. Color of the leather you want.

2. Artwork or design idea.

3. Lacing style and lacing color.

4. Extras like rivets or eyelets.

Find below a list of our basic custom items.

The pictures linked on the left of this page will give you some ideas of color, artwork and different styles you can choose from. Remember we can do whatever you want. Our items are custom. Shipping is charged based on customer location.

Ordering and Design Process

Design Your Own Fork Bag

10 1/2 " Wide