Q. How do I order?

A. Contact us at Jfogleman@birdmans.com or 336-399-8757.

Q. Do we make these items or are they made overseas?

A. We make all of our items right here in our North Carolina shop. Items are hand made. We pick the leather by hand, hand tool the leather, hand dye the leather and  lace the leather by hand.

Q. This is my first bike build..what do I need?

A. Let us know what your goal is and what bike you are working with. We can guide you or help you get what you need.

Q. How long does a custom order take to complete?

A. 15-25 working days. We do not work weekends.

Q. Will your seat pans fit my bike?

A. The seat pans will fit most bikes. The Bates Style pan will fit most bobbers and Sportster style model bikes. The fitting is going to be based on what you want on the frame that you have. See the Customer' Bikes links to help you visually. Email us or contact us with specific models and we will help you with gauging size.

Q. What type of leather do we use?

A. Depends on the item you are getting. We usually use Brazilian Hides and the thickness falls into the 4-8 oz range.

Q. How long have we been in business and where are we located?

A. We have been in business full time since 2007 and have always done leather work. We are located in the Winston-Salem area of North Carolina in the USA.

Q. Can I design a leather item and have us fabricate it?

A. Yes. Just get us the information and measurements and we will make it.

Q. How much do your items cost?

A. To give you an idea the range on the leather work goes from $150 on a motorcycle seat on up, depends on the size of the seat. We manage our prices by making our own hardware and keeping our costs lower. Contact us for a quote. We do not mind giving you a quote.

Q. Can I recover a pan that you currently have?

A. Yes. Just let us know the size and shape of your seat pan and we can quote you?

Q. Will we help you with a design or artwork?

A. Yes. We have artists available and can draw you up a design. We normally offer this service free with the seat.

Q. Do you use a sewing machine?

A. No. We do it all by hand.

Q. Are our seats comfortable?

A. Yes.

Q. Does the artwork and colors fade?

A. No.

Q. Do we do gel foam?

A. Yes. We offer that as a service.

Q. Do we have T-shirts, Hats, etc for sale?
A. Yes. We sale them faster than we can get them...ask about our current stock.

Q. Do we offer bulk rates for wholesale dealers?

A. Yes. Contact us and we can give you a quote.

Q. Can you match leather items I have on my bike?

A. Yes. We can get it really close. Weather and wear effects leather so matching torn and worn leather can be hard.

Q. Do we sale a complete mounting kit?

A. Yes and No. There are a lot of different mounting kits out there. Each model and maker has its own kit. So each bike is different. We offer the hardware to mount most bikes but we do not have some of the battery covers and items to be considered a "full kit."

Q. Will these seats work on my bike?

A. As a reference most metrics have a 6 inch rear mounting bolt set up and most HD's have a 7 inch set up. We weld the bolts where you want them. The size of your seat is a personal preference and is really based off of the look you want.

Q. Are our seats tattooed or pressed?

A. No. Our seats are hand tooled. We use a hammer, shader and swivel knife to put the design in the leather. A lot of your popular "hand tooled" leather seats and items are not hand tooled, they are embossed or pressed images.

Q. How do I care for my leather?

A. We provide all customers with a care sheet. Do not use any commercial cleaners, armour cleaner or mink oil on hand dyed leather. The leather is not car leather or sofa leather. Use eco flo super shene at times. Avoid soaking with water and let a wet seat dry with out rubbing or buffing it.

Q. Can you rush my order?

A. Yes. Everyone has a show coming up. A rush item will change the items price so ask us for a quote.

Q. Is the girl with the Southern Accent who answers the phone good looking?

A. Yes.

Q. Will you send pictures of the leather making process?

A. We did this one time when we started the business. The customer we sent pictures to started his own leather seat making business. So we will send you pictures of the finished product but not the process.